Scent is a key element of a well dressed home. The subtle lingering fragrance of a beautifully scented candle creates and evokes memories, and imbues spaces with emotional resonance.

When creating scented candles, the quality of the fragrance is paramount. With this in mind, Hall has worked with a leading perfumer to develop unique scents, that perfume slow-burning cotton wicked soy blend wax candles. Evoking the spirit of the English Country House, scented candles from Bridie Hall bring a transformative power and restorative quality to your home.

Product Details

These hand poured scented candles with a woven natural cotton wick have a steady burn and excellent scent throw. Please read safety and burning instructions on the base of the votive before lighting.

12 3/4oz. candle, boxed and has a 60 hour burn time. 6 3/4oz. candle, boxed and has a 25 hour burn time

All candles are blended and hand poured in London.


Behind them in the boot room, the hunters have left the green smells of the forest, of pine branches and mossy banks.



In the lady’s bedroom, the smell of woodland flowers drifts in through the open window, mixing with the scent of violets on the dressing table.




The rich scent of orange blossom, with a splash of wet stone: the gardeners have just finished watering the orangery. Top notes: Orange, Petitgrain Middle notes: Neroli, Orange blossom, Jasmine Base note: White musk.



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