Glass and Brass Lamps and Lampshades


Prototype Lacquered Brush Boxes


Finishing off some lacquered brush box prototypes this week. I’ve been making up the construction as I go along and have learnt everything I can off this small batch. Not perfect but still special we’ll have a little sale of these at Pentreath & Hall within the next week. Keep your eyes peeled.


Furniture and Decorative Accessory Spray Painter Wanted


We are looking for an experienced spray painter to join our East London workshop. You will have skills ranging from basic product preparation, spraying and finishing. To high spec spray lacquer finishing and polishing. We are a creative multi-discipline workshop and are looking for someone who can apply themselves to this workload accordingly.

Ideally, you will have additional painting skills that will broaden our young workshops horizons and opportunities for product development and who will work well within a small east and central London based atelier.

£25,000 – £27,000 per annum.

Please send your C.V. and any image examples of your work to

Deadline: Monday 20th May 2019.

Interviews week commencing: 27th May 2019.

Curating Christie’s for Classic’s Week

Late last summer I was overjoyed to be asked to contribute to Christie’s Classics week, the biggest week in the Christie’s calendar, by curating my very own space in Antiquities. For weeks, I agonised over what i was going to do. Would it be a domestic setting? Would I create a Cabinet of Curiosities? Then I realised it had been staring me in the face all along. I made up a Rainbow Roman Emperor Intaglio wall, we painted the wall the most sublime ‘Orange Aurora’ colour from the Little Greene Paint Company and I chose the biggest fragments of Roman statues to display in front of it, to create my own little tribute to the British Museum.

IMG_1812 (more…)

A year in the life of my studio

Looking through my dreadfully organised photo archives, there are ever increasing numbers of pictures of projects or products happening in my studio to wade through. A lot passes through this tiny space. I thought it might be fun to share a fraction of a year in the life of the Roque Map of London. The most ambient of backdrops. 

IMG_0644_2 (more…)

Pride Intaglio Lamp




Developments in Alphabet Brush Pot Land

It’s full steam ahead in the studio from now until Christmas, keeping on top of orders and making sure everything makes it to it’s destination in time. Amongst the hustle and bustle I still find the time to come up with a new colourway for the Alphabet Brush Pots. Realistically, I can’t see these being available this side of 2017 but they’re something to look forward to in early 2018! WATCH THIS SPACE!


Oak leaf motif

My weekends have been spent collecting and drawing oak leaves. This weekend I took it a step further and started to cut them out, eventually coming up with my own motif I could happily see as a wallpaper.




We are recruiting!



Part Time Production Assistant Wanted for Bridie Hall Ltd.

Bridie Hall is currently looking for a part time studio assistant for four days a week. They will be required to help out with the preparation and finishing of products along with maintaining a neat and tidy studio.

The studio assistant would ideally have a design, painting background with a basic understanding of gesso, gilding, lacquering, though not essential.  They will be working with a broad range of products, decoupage plates, intaglio boxes, geometric shapes, scented candles. Photography and styling know how would be an added advantage. The more skill they are willing to pick up and assist with the more work there will be going forward.

The candidate must be conscientious, meticulous, capable of listening to and following instructions carefully, have excellent attention to detail, be capable of prioritising their workload and able to be confidently left alone to carry out their work. A tidy and methodical approach to work is of upmost importance.

The studio is based in Bloomsbury, Central London, alongside interiors store Pentreath & Hall

Please email c.v. and anything you may think relevant to

Application deadline: 31st August 2017 – Interviewing first week in September with immediate start.


Paid Internship for Bridie Hall Ltd.

Bridie Hall Ltd is offering a part-time paid internship running from September – December 2017.

The role is to be of assistance to Bridie Hall and Pentreath & Hall.

Working hours are 10am – 6pm from Tuesday – Friday.

Primarily operations focused. From packing and tracking orders to helping out on the shop floor during busy periods.

 A ‘can-do’ attitude is a must as tasks will be many and varied; prepare to roll your sleeves up!

Principally overseeing wholesale orders dispatched from Bridie Hall Ltd.

For more information, email: with C.V. attached.

Application deadline: 31st August 2017 – Interviewing first week in September with immediate start.



Portraiture In Clay And Marveling At Marble


Eventually admitting defeat to myself that I am never going to be a draughtsman I finally looked to what has been staring me plainly in the face all these years – going three dimensional. I don’t know why I forget that for my graduation show for painting was all sculpture. Dead birds cast in wax if you’re asking.

So, over Summer I attended a ten week portraiture in clay course at City Lit. Working with clay and collecting pottery is a passion so I was excited to be learning a new way to create with it as it’s always been more a conventional utilitarian practice for me. It was also fascinating to learn to see in a different, more anatomical way. Being taught to look through the models skin and into their skull, building up the layers of muscle before applying the skin, I find this endlessly interesting. The process completely sucked me in, although the progress is by no means instant.

I’m looking forward to working on portraiture in this way and have set myself the rather ambitious task of sculpting the Roman Emperors portraits. I’ve been visiting the British Museum regularly to study their collection of marble busts, a completely different technique and medium but the aesthetic I am aiming for. They are so pure and perfect. I have a feeling at some point I’ll be spending a lot of time working on and perfecting the bases they will be displayed on. Oh and faux marble finish them – that could be a happy disaster!