Decoupage New and Exclusive to Harvey Nichols



The Complete Universe of Fornasetti


Whenever I’m in the need for a certain kind of inspiration, I need look no further than one of my favourite books, ‘Fornasetti, The Complete Universe’ published by Rizzoli. I urge you to do the same.




 I never fail to be overwhelmed by the skill of his hand and the sheer prolificness of output. Not to mention fun he makes everything seems to be. Piero Fornasetti may look like a serious kind of bank teller type but I think absolutely every single thing he put his hand to points to the very fact that he was anything but.




I’ve picked out a few images to show what I find so inspiring about his work and I urge you to read an ‘Interview with Piero Fornasetti, 1987 by Shara Wasserman’


To the Fornasetti



Dream Wood Grain

Faux Bois, faux bois, faux bois – one day I will make up my very own faux bois, but when I look at Fornasetti’s I think ‘why bother’


Gorgeous Drawing


Hand in Hand


Map Table


dream space

Its his sketch book in the foreground of his insanely beautiful room that really gets me here, but check out that rug!




After this particular sift through the ‘universe’ I was moved to steal the sample of Osborne & Little Malachite pattern wallpaper we have in the office and overlay it with a blown up print I have of blossoms by Batty Langley. I’m trying to make up my own Malachite pattern as well. I think this may be a life long process.




During the same quest for inspiration I did come up with this cute design for a 6″ Round plate, I called it ‘House & Altas’ and it’s available to order here.




A Radical Flower Movement in Bloomsbury 2013


Looking back to the days when families living in Bloomsbury slums were encouraged by Haddon Parks to grow geraniums in window boxes, to improve polluted air quality. He then showcased them in a festival that would inspire the visitors to make a positive change in their own lives, resulting in a glorious atmosphere.

I had the idea to recreate this in the shop window with specially designed Floral decoupage plates for the Bloomsbury Festival that happened a couple of weeks ago. Next year we plan to get the whole street involved. The results might be riotous on the eyes. 











bloomsbury window



















Sunshine of late afternoon, on the glass tray…


And it is glass trays that I bring you. I have had a mild obsession looking for the perfect tray for ages, something useful but also decorative. It should be at home on the ottoman holding a votive candle, coasters, maybe a small vase of flowers and also look good loaded up with canapes or being put to use as a mini bar on a side table. I looked and looked until the little lightbulb went off above my head, the moment I realised I could make the tray if my dreams.

I don’t think there is ‘a’ tray I think there are many and I have only just begun…


Large Panoramic View of London largeegyptianbombe largeegyptianpenche LargejungleIndia largemonstreltray largePlaceQuinze largesomersethouse

I am at heart a gentleman – Marlene Dietrich

New Decoupage coming soon.

New Decoupage!

My fingers have been worked to the bone after this weekends work. My wrists hurt, my skin is cracked and chapped and my fingernails are aching.

Here are a few pictures of some of the new decoupage designs I’ve been working on, with more in the pipeline/on the production line to come.

I love it when things are on a roll, when there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, to bounce out of bed each morning excited about getting on with the tasks ahead, it almost makes me forget about the horrible weather going on outside.

Available Now at Ben Pentreath Ltd. >>







A Diamond Jubilee in Black & White

When Ben and I we were discussing the design and layout of the Diamond Jubilee Decoupage plate we were making mock ups in black & white. I made one for Ben and one for myself. Then I made five more and now they are for sale. I think they are the more serious older cousin of the other more playful pastel four.




Available now while stocks lasts at Ben Pentreath Ltd

Celebrating Queen Elizabeth ER II

For a bit of fun last year, we produced a tea towel to celebrate the Royal Wedding. Then suddenly everyone else got serious and they flew out the door and around the globe. The response was immense, as were the amount of stories and photographs people sent back to us letting us know how they were using them. One lovely lady in Australia contacted us to say she and her friends were all sitting around watching the wedding and waving them at the telly, and at the same time apologising for the poor dress sense of her Prime Minister, dearest Julia.

This year, we’ve designed another tea towel for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and back in January Ben and I also came up with the idea of a Jubilee decoupage plate, while waiting to catch the Eurostar back to London after a mad day buying at Maison & Objet in Paris. Ben’s been madly busy working on things other than plates, and I’ve been bugging him about it ever since. 

Finally all the bugging paid off, and last week he presented me with these four beautiful designs. I’ve spent the last few days practicing the dark art of decoupage on the images, to turn them into commemoration plates worthy of such a sparkling celebration and hey presto! May I present our very own set of Royal Souvenirs to collect and keep. Each plate is made in my studio and is backed with a highly lacquered C18th map of London. I do hope they please Ma’am as much as they do us.

My favourite has to be the one with the purple band and the pink inner. What’s yours?

 Buy one or collect them all. Available now at Ben Pentreath Ltd 

And we have lift off!


Bridie Hall at Home is now official! We had a soft launch last autumn as a little warm up but Wednesday just gone was the big day when we made it official by launching to the press. 


We had the beautiful invites made by the Hand & Eye Letterpress

The shop looked wonderful, we filled the window with a set of Geometric Solids, a Trav Chair and bunches of exquisite Green Orchids from our local florist Dawsons.

I’d never given green Orchids a second glance before but in buckets en masse out on the street they spoke to me.  They go so well with the tan of the leather and the bone white of the geometric solids. 

Anyway, I could not have been happier with the turn out and the reception, not to mention the best coffee ever provided by The Espresso Room. So much good feed back and positivity, I feel like all of the effort was rewarded. It also made me realise there is no rest now, this is merely the beginning, so I’d better get back to the grindstone and get making. Writing the content for the rest of the website is first on the list!