Finding the ‘Flow’ before surrendering to the ‘Fear’

I love everything about the simple geometry and turning a piece of card into an object. I love using the tools I have acquired over the years, when I am in the flow it feels as if they are extensions of me. I panic when I can’t find that green kidney or those scissors. Paper and glue are my best friends.


When I finished I thought I might then practice some faux marbling and wood graining. 


But then I decided to do something much more terrifying and feel the fear.









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One Comment to “Finding the ‘Flow’ before surrendering to the ‘Fear’”

  1. Susanna (deltabravosierra) says:

    Oh Bridie,
    Let me tell you about the FLOW and the FEAR.
    The FLOW:
    Sometime ago ( last century) I sent you a package from Firenze,
    that got sent back to me, because….. Italy….
    I then took it to Germany with me, because….. they know how to get things done over there,
    but then,
    it was so depressing to be there that I took time to get acquainted with ” Downton Abbey”
    watched every single episode, on a row, specials included.
    by the time I stopped shaking and got my vision back, I was back in Firenze….
    appointment was made with international delivery company, …. but they couldnt find the place I live,because…. Italy
    in between,
    I had to do some things, like ,swerve away from mad vespa drivers, paint walls, check the plumbing, kill a snake, walk about 15km a day after parking car “close to the city”….. wait for the 4 hour lunch break of carpenter/gardner/ gas station ….etc…
    and then,
    I just stopped, started to cook again, lay in the Sun, and
    just go with the Flow…..

    This morning, another international delivery company, was able to not only make an appointment, but also
    find my home and take a package that should be delivered to you at the store on Monday morning,
    alas, I believe it when I see it.
    so now I tell you about the FEAR.
    that said package contain an assortment of things….. some of which,
    a certain someone at the border my take issue with,
    I got over exited and misspelled “Souvenirs ” when inquired about the contents,
    but I thought that ” Local Produce ” would give me in….
    I will be tracing the package from here, and if indeed it gets delivered,
    I ask you kindly to get in touch asap, for I have to give you some directions….
    I will be lighting a candle the moment I am able to find out to which Saint one should pray for international delivery
    My optimism surmounts my Faith and Fear, I think it will be fine.
    Wish you a lovely weekend,


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