The Complete Universe of Fornasetti


Whenever I’m in the need for a certain kind of inspiration, I need look no further than one of my favourite books, ‘Fornasetti, The Complete Universe’ published by Rizzoli. I urge you to do the same.




 I never fail to be overwhelmed by the skill of his hand and the sheer prolificness of output. Not to mention fun he makes everything seems to be. Piero Fornasetti may look like a serious kind of bank teller type but I think absolutely every single thing he put his hand to points to the very fact that he was anything but.




I’ve picked out a few images to show what I find so inspiring about his work and I urge you to read an ‘Interview with Piero Fornasetti, 1987 by Shara Wasserman’


To the Fornasetti



Dream Wood Grain

Faux Bois, faux bois, faux bois – one day I will make up my very own faux bois, but when I look at Fornasetti’s I think ‘why bother’


Gorgeous Drawing


Hand in Hand


Map Table


dream space

Its his sketch book in the foreground of his insanely beautiful room that really gets me here, but check out that rug!




After this particular sift through the ‘universe’ I was moved to steal the sample of Osborne & Little Malachite pattern wallpaper we have in the office and overlay it with a blown up print I have of blossoms by Batty Langley. I’m trying to make up my own Malachite pattern as well. I think this may be a life long process.




During the same quest for inspiration I did come up with this cute design for a 6″ Round plate, I called it ‘House & Altas’ and it’s available to order here.




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