Bravo Bijan!

Do you ever wonder what the uber rich might spend their money on or never wonder about the mega rich but like to find slightly crazy/eccentric designer websites? I do. Well look no further than The House of Bijan. It really cheers me up. Especially the crazy music that accompanies it.

Established in 1976 by designer Bijan Pakzard, starting out in men’s tailoring and going on to so much more, fragrances, cars, you name it Bijan had a go at designing it.

Sadly, Bijan is now no longer with us, but what a legacy he has left. I have to admit the contents of his store isn’t totally up my street but I do love to see what someone can achieve at their absolute best and Bijan absolutely did that.

I think his website is hilarious and I like to think he was too. I am posting about him really because I wanted to share these pictures of his garden. Over the top? Probably. But I think wonderfully original and great to see something thought out on such a large scale executed so well.







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