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The only text in what is possibly my favourite website. CONSUME CONSUME is a regularly updated site of photographs sourced from God knows where, everywhere! Whoever compiles CONSUME CONSUME has a fairly unique view of the world and succeeds brilliantly & wordlessly in sharing this. Images span the sublime to the ridiculous, some are shocking, some completely awe inspiring, most make me laugh out loud. All remind me of what a world of contrasts and randomness we live in and how funny life is.

Here are a few of my favourite. 












Doesn’t this make you smile?

I would love to be able to walk past something like this everyday. Mehmet Ali Uysal’s Clothespin Art. Located in Belgium’s Park Chaudfontaine.


Bravo Bijan!

Do you ever wonder what the uber rich might spend their money on or never wonder about the mega rich but like to find slightly crazy/eccentric designer websites? I do. Well look no further than The House of Bijan. It really cheers me up. Especially the crazy music that accompanies it.

Established in 1976 by designer Bijan Pakzard, starting out in men’s tailoring and going on to so much more, fragrances, cars, you name it Bijan had a go at designing it.

Sadly, Bijan is now no longer with us, but what a legacy he has left. I have to admit the contents of his store isn’t totally up my street but I do love to see what someone can achieve at their absolute best and Bijan absolutely did that.

I think his website is hilarious and I like to think he was too. I am posting about him really because I wanted to share these pictures of his garden. Over the top? Probably. But I think wonderfully original and great to see something thought out on such a large scale executed so well.







Putting down the Ritz

Last Friday as a farewell treat to my dear friend who has been helping me out for the last month we went for High Tea at The Ritz. Have you ever been for High Tea at The Ritz? The rooms are spectacular, a nod to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with some strategically placed Union Jacks, a stroke of genius. The people were a complete let down (sorry people) or rather the women, groups and groups of women of a certain age with a certain style of dress playing make believe at The Ritz before, no doubt, heading off to a matinee. It was so disappointing and I was rather ashamed that I was one of their number (is it wrong to say that?). So while we enjoyed our tasty little sandwiches, scones, creme caramel, strawberry flan, petit fours and litres of tea (all perfectly fine) after taking in the grandness of the Palm Court there was very little left to look at and it got quite boring quite quickly. I suppose I had been hoping it was going to be filled with people that actually stay at The Ritz and that Joan Collins would be there and the people watching would be out of this world, instead it was women slipping out of their high heels and into their more comfortable homely pumps, smuggling the menus into handbags even though they were allowed to keep them, I started to calculate how many of those menus must now be displayed on the sideboard in peoples homes across the nation, it was so boring I started costing out how much revenue I thought the Palm Court would take in a day and concluded it is probably The Ritz’s bread and butter, that’s how little there was to watch. Before long (maybe a half an hour longer than I would have preferred) it was time to go and I was glad, not before noticing the carpet on the stairwell going down to the loos, simply perfect, I wish the people could have been as much fun as the carpet.








We’re feeling it because we’ve reached the end of a mammoth weekend of watching the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee footage on T.V. Deciding, due to the poor weather, not to leave the house in search of bunting, hordes and beacons but taking the same approach we take to Christmas (if we don’t leave the country) and fill the stores, invite friends around, cook endlessly, eat endlessly, drink gin cocktails inappropriately early, fall asleep at the table, wake up to repeat the process all the while keeping up with the Royals on the telly. They wore us out! We can’t imagine how they must be feeling, I can’t help but feel Prince Philip had it sown up when it came to getting his Hall pass.

Although we were holed up we did not stop making things all weekend long….

Rose made the best newspaper papal hats we’ve seen.


Belinda regaled us with the most patriotic of sponge cakes (yes that is a watermelon in the background, we have a rather spontaneous approach to events like this ).


And I made some Chicken pie love – finally getting using my Pie Bird!


Spare us some Asparagus

It was a welcome sight visiting Borough Market on Friday to find the asparagus hailing from Norfolk instead of North Africa. I have to admit, I notice the difference in taste when air miles enter the equation with asparagus. I prefer to enjoy it for the few weeks of the spring growing season in the U.K. and leave it at that. So I was happy to buy myself a bunch (is there an official term for a bunch of asparagus?), and along with a loaf of Sourdough from Neal’s Yard Dairy, lunchtimes were sorted for the weekend.

Sometimes heaven is a poached egg with asparagus & shaved Parmesan on a slice of grilled sourdough.