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A Diamond Jubilee in Black & White

When Ben and I we were discussing the design and layout of the Diamond Jubilee Decoupage plate we were making mock ups in black & white. I made one for Ben and one for myself. Then I made five more and now they are for sale. I think they are the more serious older cousin of the other more playful pastel four.




Available now while stocks lasts at Ben Pentreath Ltd

The Scholar’s Set

I am so delighted with this new addition to the Bridie Hall range. 

The Scholar’s Set

The Platonic solids have been known since antiquity. Ornamented models of them can be found among the carved stone balls created by the late Neolithic people of Scotland at least 1000 years before Plato. Dice go back to the dawn of civilization with shapes that augured formal charting of Platonic solids.

In Euclidean geometry, a Platonic solid is a regular, convex polyhedron. The faces are congruent, regular polygons, with the same number of faces meeting at each vertex. There are five Platonic solids; their names are derived from their numbers of faces, the Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron & Icosahedron.

Made from folded card layered in gesso, sanded and waxed to a fine bone like finish. The Scholar’s Set is an elegant and accurate representation of the five primary geometric solids.

Dimensions: Between approx. 10cm – 13cm





Available now at Ben Pentreath Ltd


The perfect evening.




Productivity Explosion

Having taken the last week off from the shop there has been an explosion of productivity with my range. Not to mention a few pretty good lunches. I’ll share all soon.

A trip to the book store


Since I’ve spent the past few months putting together a little library in the conservatory, I’ve found it a good excuse to add to it gathering inspiration at the same time.

These are my top four recent reads.

1. SanctuaryBritain’s artists and their Studios

2. Fern Fever : The Story of Pteridomania

3. Celia Birtwell

4. The Art of InstructionVintage Educational Charts from the 19th and 20th Centuries

What have you recently picked up? Any recommendations?

Theatre Britannica by Ed Kluz

We celebrated the opening of ‘Theatre Britannica‘, a selling exhibition of Ed Kluz’s work at the shop last Wednesday night. There was a reprieve with the weather (it’s oddly always fine when we host parties) and an excellent turn out of guests who all enjoyed the artwork and wine.  It was one of those evenings where the joviality was infectious, so wonderful to see such a positive response to Ed’s work and to meet a lot of his friends. 

I felt rather lucky on Thursday morning arriving to work to find the print ‘Newby Hall’ hadn’t yet sold, so to celebrate all of our hard work in preparation for the show, I decided to treat myself to it. To see more work featured in ‘Theatre Britannica’ click here.




The window display of Ed’s fabric patterns produced by St Jude’s was a show stopper.








The ‘Newby Hall’ print coming home with Bridie Hall. It makes me so happy!

Sunday breakfast

What a promising start to the day. We’ve just finished our first breakfast in our newly decorated conservatory, on our new table, sitting on our new chairs, using the new tray and drinking coffee out of our new/old china set. It’s a really good feeling!

It’s taken so long to get this room together, it’s so pleasing it’s finally working. All I have left to do is artfully arrange the books & objects in the shelves and put up the wall sconces, then it will be fit for a blog of it’s own. Before and after pictures, sourcing & everything.

No time today, first I’m sowing some vegetable seeds then off to the shop to help hang the ‘Theatre Britannica’ exhibition with Ed Kluz and Robin, after that walking to the Southbank for a late lunch/early dinner with Alannah.

Tomorrow I will be finishing off the latest batch of increasingly popular Jubilee plates and making up the first “Scholars Set” of platonic solids to become a part of my Grand Tour Collection. After a repeat of this mornings breakfast no doubt, maybe bacon instead of porridge.

Have a relaxing Bank holiday.




A sweet still life

A few weeks ago a dear friend sent me a book on flower arranging for inspiration……since then I’ve collected all of my vases together in one place and thinking about the different flowers and foliage I can fill them with in interesting ways. 

This week another friend came around with a bunch of Peonies and another of Eucalyptus…….








Your Rainbow Panorama.

I came across these pretty beautiful images of ‘Your Rainbow Panorama’ designed and built by Olafur Eliasson on the rooftop of the Aros museum in Aarhus, Denmark today.

I’m adding making a visit to my list of things I should do but may never get around too. I wonder how the different colours reacting with the weather or the time of day affect the view? Would you be filled with awe or nausea? I wonder what it would be like to ride around and around it on a bicycle? I wonder if you would get there and just think ‘meh’?






Too much weather & a drastic measure.

The recent wet London weather has really been getting to me. I think I have physically felt my vitamin D levels deplete, whatever that feels like. The sky has been grey for as long as I can remember- am I living inside a Tupperware container? Last week, I had to do something about it.To down tools, stop checking the weather forecast, stop moaning about it, stop swearing at the sky asking it if it knew where Spring was. If Spring wasn’t coming to me, then I was going to go find it.

There aren’t many times in life, when all a girl can do is log on to a travel website and book a trip to St Tropez, but this was one of them.

 I found the charming Hotel Pastis online (the main reason we ended up in St Tropez), booked four nights and two flights and away we went, with  nothing more on the agenda than to read, sleep, eat & be in the sun. I cannot tell you how restorative the sunshine was after such a long spell without. 

I felt my mind clear and I found peace. I was greatly inspired. I designed and drew out a new range of trays and all of my packaging labels.

I read a short, useful book called “You are what you wear”, and when I came home I emptied my wardrobe of everything I have never worn which was one of the best feelings.

I was reminded of how simple the Mediterranean diet is, so since I have been back I have carried on eating fish with mozzarella and tomato salads for dinner.

And if I feel the weather blues creeping back, I close my eyes and imagine the feeling of the sun on my face poolside and start planning my next escape.









How dinner has been since we’ve been back. 



Of course all was forgiven. On the way to work the first morning back I walked through this small park as I normally do where it was raining blossom petals.