Latest Addition

New Alphabet Brush Pots!

New Deity lamps

Prototype Lacquered Brush Boxes


Finishing off some lacquered brush box prototypes this week. I’ve been making up the construction as I go along and have learnt everything I can off this small batch. Not perfect but still special we’ll have a little sale of these at Pentreath & Hall within the next week. Keep your eyes peeled.


‘ad Meliora’ – Towards better things

These vases were decorated in an exercise to see what could be achieved with paint and light. They were displayed in June 2019 at Masterpiece London. They aren’t perfect but they are special so, we are selling them in a special sale at Pentreath & Hall 

As a painted prototype, it has been sealed but this vase cannot be guaranteed to hold water without risking the stability of the paint; we found that filling large poly bags with water to be a very successful solution; they sat within the vessel to hold the most glorious foxgloves and cow parsley. Please contact Pentreath & Hall for more details. Don’t miss out!







New Patterned Papers

So inspired by the Opus Sectile (a practice dating back to antiquity) marble floors of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Bridie drew variations of her own. Unlike the Byzantines, she was fundamentally lacking in access to great quantities of precious marbles from the sacred and civic buildings of the Eastern Roman Empire, so she’s printed her collection out as a range of patterned papers instead! 

Printed in England.
Dimensions: Length 70cm x Width 48cm.

Double Shadowed Hellenic Meander


Venetian Diamond Grid



New Alphabet Brush Pot Colourway

We like to keep things special so new colour ways don’t come along very often!


Ancient Roman Urn Greeting Cards


Rainbow Roman Emperor Intaglio Cases


Greek Key Frieze Print

Imagery of classical subject matter is a strong theme that runs through Bridie’s work. From using imagery from her vast archive photographs taken at the British Museum emerges a colourful take on an ancient greek key frieze. Image Dimensions: 39cm x 18.5cm. Signed and numbered edition of 50. Giclee print on 310gsm Hahnemükle photo rag paper.


Athena Domestic Goddess Mug

Athena was the goddess of many things, pottery being one of them and now perhaps generous cups of tea. Bridie is thrilled to introduce the Athena mug. Proudly made in Stoke On Trent.

Dimensions: Height 9cm, Diameter 8.5cm.